Landmark Global Nutrition Study Launched

Good Nutrition: Perspectives for the 21st century During 2014 and 2015, we had the privilege to work on Good Nutrition: Perspectives for the 21st century. Our work encompassed concept development, writing and editing, design and project management in support of … Read the full article


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The Lilljeqvist Formula: A Victorian recipe for modern entrepreneurship

With the fashion for Neo-Victorianism showing no signs of abating (Sweeney Todd, Sherlock Holmes, steampunk), it’s interesting to consider what today’s entrepreneurs might learn from our 19th-century forbears. The story of the Swedish entrepreneur Rudolf Lilljeqvist reads like a case … Read the full article


Giving a speech is a unique opportunity to convey your values, beliefs and style to a captive audience. It puts you in a highly privileged position: for a brief moment, you are the only person in control of what is … Read the full article