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“You Are What Your Mother Ate”: The Dutch Hunger Winter Study

  If the global nutrition community appears to agree on one thing at present, it is that the first 1,000 days of life matter. “The first 1,000 days, from conception to 2 years of age,” write the authors of The … Read the full article

Appropriate Eating: The Mediterranean Diet in Homer’s Odyssey

“There is no boon in life more sweet, I say, than when a summer joy holds all the realm, and banqueters sit listening to a harper in a great hall, by rows of tables heaped with bread and roast meat, … Read the full article

Wanting More: Hunger and anger in the works of Charles Dickens

  “Everything that happens […] shows beyond mistake that you can’t shut out the world; that you are in it, to be of it; that you get yourself into a false position the moment you try to sever yourself from … Read the full article

A Life Lived “To the Utmost Limit”: Comanche of the 7th

By Jonathan Steffen   The Natural History Museum of the University of Kansas houses the stuffed hide of a 15-hands buckskin-colored horse with a black dorsal stripe. Wearing a United States Cavalry saddle of late 19th-century pattern and protected by … Read the full article