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Appropriate Eating: The Mediterranean Diet in Homer’s Odyssey

“There is no boon in life more sweet, I say, than when a summer joy holds all the realm, and banqueters sit listening to a harper in a great hall, by rows of tables heaped with bread and roast meat, … Read the full article

Wanting More: Hunger and anger in the works of Charles Dickens

  “Everything that happens […] shows beyond mistake that you can’t shut out the world; that you are in it, to be of it; that you get yourself into a false position the moment you try to sever yourself from … Read the full article

A Life Lived “To the Utmost Limit”: Comanche of the 7th

By Jonathan Steffen   The Natural History Museum of the University of Kansas houses the stuffed hide of a 15-hands buckskin-colored horse with a black dorsal stripe. Wearing a United States Cavalry saddle of late 19th-century pattern and protected by … Read the full article