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Balancing Nutrition with the Environment

In an ideal world, everyone would have access to a diet that was nutrient-rich as well as environmentally sustainable. French researchers have shown, however, that it is hard to integrate the nutritional quality, affordability, environmental impact and sustainability of a … Read the full article

Sight and Life: a history

The humanitarian crisis triggered by the Ethiopian Civil War of the mid-1980s prompted a relationship between Hoffman-La Roche and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health that gave birth to the ‘Task Force SIGHT AND LIFE’. Recent research into the … Read the full article

Filling the nutrient gap

Rice is a staple food for more than three billion of the world’s population, sometimes making up as much as 70% of an individual’s daily energy intake. This presents a nutritional dilemma: while milled rice is a good source of … Read the full article

Rice Fortification supplement

Rice fortification is the addition of essential vitamins and minerals to rice, post-harvest, to increase its nutritional value. This offers a unique opportunity to improve the nutrition, health and economic status of a large number of people at a low … Read the full article