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Our extensive portfolio includes the following major publications:

• Tomorrow’s Answers Today: The history of AkzoNobel since 1646 (AkzoNobel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2008)
• Micronutrients, Macro Impact: The story of vitamins and a hungry world (Sight and Life, Basel, Switzerland, 2012)
• The Road to Good Nutrition: A global perspective (Karger, Basel, Switzerland, 2013).

It also features company reports, white papers, marketing literature, technical publications, magazines, employee newsletters, articles for specialist publications, press releases, speeches, presentations, management letters and corporate films.

Book Review – We the Eaters: If we change dinner, we can change the world by Ellen Gustafson

John Steinbeck’s 1939 novel The Grapes of Wrath concludes with a scene that would be unimaginable in an American novel of today. In the book’s very last lines, a starving 50 year-old man is suckled by a young mother who … Read the full article

A Life Lived “To the Utmost Limit”: Comanche of the 7th

By Jonathan Steffen   The Natural History Museum of the University of Kansas houses the stuffed hide of a 15-hands buckskin-colored horse with a black dorsal stripe. Wearing a United States Cavalry saddle of late 19th-century pattern and protected by … Read the full article

Stick or Twist? Or: What Has the Company Ever Taught Us?

We live in interesting times. The world’s population recently passed the seven billion mark, and is projected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050.  Nearly 870 million people, or one in eight, are chronically undernourished.  One in four of the world’s … Read the full article

If Ponies Could Vote

Polo pro Josh Morris-Lowe reflects on the thrill of the king of sports By Jonathan Steffen   Polo is, in the words of Sylvester Stallone, “like playing golf in an earthquake.” Top pros will hit the ball at over 100 … Read the full article

Why Is Nutrition So Confusing?

  Too much on your plate? Or too little? Or too much of the wrong stuff? In an interview which I conducted recently for Sight and Life magazine, the influential thinker Gary Taubes gives us his take on why the … Read the full article