A Day in the Life of Arlette Eulert Checa

In a world that is increasingly focused on the synthetic and the processed, not least where food is involved, there are some who are pushing for a more natural approach. We recently had the privilege to interview Peruvian chef, Arlette Eulert Checa, for Sight and Life magazine, and she explained to us her philosophy of sharing what Mother Earth has to offer.

Checa established her restaurant, Matria, in order to “offer people [her] own version of [Peruvian] native cuisine”. The name, meaning ‘Motherland’, is a hybrid of the Spanish words madre (mother) and tierra (land) – representing the restaurant’s focus on where food comes from.

Checa is known as a member of the Peruvian Generación con Causa (‘Generation with a Cause’), a movement of more than 50 young chefs from Lima who aim to consolidate the foundations of Peruvian cuisine. She is also a member of the Manifesto de Chefs, a global community of chefs looking forward to “a future in which chefs are socially committed and work consciously to protect the planet’s resources”.

The full interview by Jonathan Steffen for Sight and Life magazine can be read here.

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