The Narrative Capital™ Framework
Unlocking the value of your story

Every organisation has its own great stories. Stories of invention and innovation; stories of commitment and courage; stories of risk and reward. These narratives provide a sense of purpose and direction, recalling the challenges of the past while pointing the way to the adventures of tomorrow.

Not everyone is familiar with those stories, however. The passage of time, changes of ownership and corporate restructuring can leave the organisations of today feeling cut off from their own history. Managers and employees can find themselves working in a company with apparently no roots; shareholders and collaborators can find themselves sharing risks with a partner that seems to have no track record.

The Narrative Capital™ Framework is a unique proprietary methodology that puts organisations in direct touch with their past. It helps reframe their sense of identity on the basis of shared experiences, values and beliefs, creating a narrative in which all stakeholders can recognise themselves.

“Belonging creates commitment; commitment creates purpose; and purpose creates success.”