Sight and Life: a history

The humanitarian crisis triggered by the Ethiopian Civil War of the mid-1980s prompted a relationship between Hoffman-La Roche and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health that gave birth to the ‘Task Force SIGHT AND LIFE’.

Recent research into the relationship between vitamin A and eye health, alongside Roche’s technical expertise in the industrial production and distribution of vitamin A, made a humanitarian initiative that saved the sight and lives of thousands of people possible.

Sight and Life went on to expand to cover the full range of micronutrients – all 13 vitamins as well as all of the dietary minerals that are crucial to health. The world began to become increasingly aware of the global problem of hidden hunger, a deficiency in micronutrients, and important developments were made in the field.

Sight and Life continues to evolve and adapt alongside its partners, DSM and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, to inform and innovate in the world of nutrition, combatting the world’s problems in the field.

Read more of the executive summary of the Sight and Life’s case study here.

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