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Sherlock Holmes’s tartan heritage

The great-great granddaughter of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, has recently produced a custom-made tartan dedicated to the detective, writes the Telegraph’s Francesca Marshall. Tania Henzell, along with Richard Pooley, director of the Conan Doyle Estate, … Read the full article

The dangers of presenteeism

It can be an employee’s biggest dilemma – should you go into the office when ill? A recent article in The Telegraph (25th August 2017) highlights the growing problem of presenteeism – a word coined as the opposite of absenteeism to … Read the full article

Bringing salt back to the table

Salt is not the demon we’ve been led to believe, according to cardiovascular research scientist Dr James DiNicolantonio, talking to The Telegraph (7th August 2017). Dr DiNicolantonio stresses that salt has been a staple of the human diet for thousands … Read the full article

The Mediterranean Diet: how much are the benefits worth?

Writing for The Telegraph online (1st August 2017), Science Editor Sarah Knapton reviews the benefits of following the Mediterranean Diet. Knapton refers to a recent study which suggests that the Mediterranean Diet is only beneficial to those living in households … Read the full article