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Alexander Lukas Bieri


Curator, The Roche Historical Collection and Archive


F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

For over a decade now, we have been working with Jonathan Steffen on a variety of projects. Having originally been contacted by him for supplying content, we recently also became his clients. Jonathan’s excellence in writing is unsurpassed and he is one of those rare individuals with a broad horizon of knowledge – allowing him to navigate any subject with an admirable ease. These talents and skills made him the ideal partner for the communication campaign of our jubilee art project “The Cost of Life” which bridges art, science and humanity. Both as suppliers and clients, we always tremendously enjoyed working with Jonathan who never missed a timeline and managed all untoward situations courteously. We very much hope that we will have the opportunity to cooperate with him again in the future.

Daniela Maute

Group Marketing & Communications Manager

Addax Energy SA

When thinking about Jonathan and his work, the image of a bridge-builder comes to my mind. His talent for writing compelling stories and illuminating complex topics for differentiated target audiences is fabulous. He has supported my teams and myself in various industries and companies on a wide range of communication assignments, from scientific whitepapers to employee communications, including ESG-relevant topics and press releases.


Jonathan’s curiosity and quick thinking, combined with his linguistic background, are a major advantage when facing time constraints and the need to meet high quality standards when dealing with challenging subject-matter.


I look forward to his support with many future projects.

Doerte-Katja Laue



AVA Biochem AG;

formerly Global Marketing Communications Manager, DSM Animal Nutrition & Health

I have worked with Jonathan on several company history and company branding projects. I was particularly impressed by how well he was able to work his way into the thoughts of our team and how he was then able to abstract these thoughts and take them to a completely new level for highly successful company communication campaigns.

Peter Roth


Head of Publishing



As a publisher, you need to have authors describe their findings, ideas, concepts or perspectives in a comprehensible way. Only in this way others can get something out of these publications and only if texts are quickly and easily understandable they can be perceived at all in the daily flood of media. To bring texts and images into such a form you often need specialists and I was always happy to work with Jonathan and his team when it came to develop and publish books or other challenging publishing projects. The great advantage of Jonathan is his way of quickly grasping practically any topic, making it easy to realize the publication project together. This has resulted in very beautiful and valuable books such as ............ I have been enjoying this collaboration for about 20 years now and will continue to do so.

Stefan Tochev





Jonathan is a pleasure to work with. From my experience, he excels in strategic thinking, planning and identifying project objectives, liaising with relevant stakeholders, and preparing corporate communications to support company needs. Jonathan is engaging to work with, brings a fresh perspective and is constantly looking for ways to fine-tune and optimize communication and positioning needs within the project scope.


I have entrusted Jonathan to consult, write, and develop strategic communications around critical company milestones, including our 25th Anniversary, including interview with CEO. Jonathan also helped develop content strategy for corporate communications, co-authored blog posts aimed at providing a better understanding and positioning of our company products and services, and co-led the development of our public affairs strategy.


Through these critical corporate projects, Jonathan worked with positions at all levels, showcasing his genuine care and compassion for the needs and requirements of various roles and departments. He is at the top of my list of contacts when it comes to external support for our corporate communication and consulting needs.

Peter Loenen


Communication Manager


Topigs Norsvin

Jonathan is a very pleasant person to work with. For Topigs Norsvin he is the editor of our internal employee magazine. This means he interviews people from around the globe about their professional and personal life. He opens the hearts of the persons he interviews with his positive and polite way of working. Being able to speak several languages and knowing the culture in several countries also contribute to this.


As communication manager that works together with Jonathan, I am often positively surprised by his creativity. Also during brainstorm sessions he brings in ideas for unique approaches and unexpected angles.

Dan Dryden


Transition Manager


Bunzl UK & Ireland

I was introduced to Jonathan Steffen when I was asked to start writing and editing a monthly newsletter for a project I am working on. I had agreed to write the monthly newsletter rather naively, with the attitude that it wouldn’t be too difficult to do.


I’m so glad that I had Jonathan’s expertise to draw upon because I had completely underestimated the level of work and knowledge required to create this newsletter. Jonathan explained to me the different writing styles I can use when creating a news article. He also gave me some fantastic advice on interviewing techniques, to ensure I can maximise the level of content and detail when speaking to people about their specialist topics.


Jonathan also gave me some great editing tips to help me to save time and to give a professional finish to my published newsletters.

John Hall



Triangular World

Triangular World has had the pleasure of working with The Corporate Story/Jonathan Steffen Limited since our inception five years ago. Jonathan and Harriet have taken time to understand what we do, so their style and wording suggestions are very useful to us and are often followed verbatim. The team at Corporate Story are always responsive to our often time-constrained needs. The speed needed by us does not detract from the quality of their output, and thus we have built up a relationship of trust. Finally, they always seem pleased to hear from us, even we are setting those improbable timeline-based tasks!

Patrizia Fracassi


Senior Nutrition Analyst and Strategy Advisor


SUN Movement Secretariat

Jonathan is an extremely pleasant person to work with. His questions are challenging enough to make you think in different ways. This has been extremely helpful for our work on country public investments for nutrition – a technical topic that is so instrumental to the daily life and the results of children, mothers and communities at large. Jonathan and Harriet make you feel welcome and comfortable about discussing ideas, ensuring that a narrative is created even from the hardest of topics. I look forward to doing more work with them.

Manfred Eggersdorfer


Senior Vice President


Nutrition Science & Advocacy, DSM Nutritional Products


Professor for Healthy Ageing


University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)

My colleagues and I have drawn on the support of Jonathan and his team to help develop two major specialist publications: The Road to Good Nutrition¸ published by Karger in 2013 and the winner of a British Medical Association Book Award in 2014, and Good Nutrition: Perspectives for the 21st century, which appeared from Karger in 2016. Jonathan helped shape both publications, making the discussion of complex nutrition issues accessible to a non-specialist readership as well as to experts in the field. Jonathan’s work as a thinker, writer and editor is complemented by the project management skills of Harriet Burgham, which help to keep even the most complex of editorial processes on tack.

Jessica Fanzo


Bloomberg Distinguished Associate Professor of Ethics and Global Food & Agriculture at the Johns Hopkins University

Director of the Global Food Ethics and Policy Program

I have worked with Jonathan Steffen and his team on a few projects including a mainstream nutrition publication and a high level United Nations food systems report. Jonathan is an exceptional editor and his team brings publications from zero drafts to final products with high organizational skill and professionalism. Jonathan is particularly special. Not only is he an amazing copy editor and writer, he can take notes written on the back of a napkin and create a beautiful chapter that is intriguing and reads well. On both projects, I have consulted with him, not only on editorial issues, but also on overall content, messaging to the audience and intent. He brings to life our best work.

Fernando Cisneros-Gonzalez

Global Layers and Carotenoid Manager


DSM Nutritional Products

The team at Jonathan Steffen Limited supported me with the publication of an English version of a book that had originally appeared in Japanese. As well as offering sound advice, they provided the editorial, proofreading, and project management services that ensured the final product was a success. I was kept up to date and fully consulted on all key matters throughout the course of the project, which reassured me that the book was in safe hands. I would recommend the services of this editorial agency to anyone considering creating a specialist publication which has to meet high technical standards and be delivered to a strict deadline.

Klaus Kraemer


Managing Director


Sight and Life Foundation

Jonathan Steffen is a writer with high editorial standards and a deep understanding of the magazine development process. Although not a scientist himself, he helps to make the work of leading thinkers in the nutrition space accessible to a wide audience through his role with Sight and Life magazine. Readership surveys have provided excellent feedback on the quality and clarity of the magazine’s writing, and Jonathan’s efforts have made a major contribution here.

Olaf Ljøsne


Former Director External Affairs North Europe


Shell European Oil Products

To be able to explain your business through speeches, messages and the use of storytelling is essential for any company today. Jonathan Steffen provided very valuable support in this field during my time with Shell European Oil Products.

Guy Tiene


Former Director of Corporate Communications


DSM Pharmaceutical Products

Having worked with Jonathan Steffen for four years at DMS as editorial, design and translation lead for our global corporate newsletter, I can attest to the elevated level of creativity and professionalism of Jonathan and his team. This group acted as our communication consultants as we documented many happenings in the business, and launched many excellence initiatives across our organization in five countries. Jonathan and his team worked easily with each of our functional teams to bring concise and interesting news to our entire employee family.

Anita Maassen


Former Senior Director HR



Together with Jonathan, I was able to set up the company magazine for DSM Pharmaceuticals, called DPP World. Jonathan made a very professional-looking magazine and was very instrumental in driving new issues for several years. At a later stage, we also managed to develop a special formula for our site in Italy, which was fully bilingual (English/Italian). The magazine helped to grow the team spirit and self-confidence of this site and was also instrumental in bridging the language barrier.

Maria del Mar Arteaga

Marketing Communication Manager – Animal Nutrition and Health Europe, Middle East, Africa


DSM Nutritional Products

Jonathan has a lot of experience, he is a very innovative person and always advises positively on new ways of doing things. He is always on time, delivering very good quality, and the professional relationship with him is very easy and convenient.

Charlotte Frederiksen

Former External Communications Manager


DSM Nutritional Products

I would definitely recommend Jonathan Steffen as an editor and a consultant. I worked with him for eight years and it was always a pleasure. He is efficient, creative, and on time, and he has very elaborated written skills and a great sense of British humour. One of the thing I also really appreciated working with him is that I did not have to brief him too much as he was picking up problems and offering effective solutions very quickly.

George Noon

Former Director Corporate Communications


Air Products Inc.

Jonathan supported me in a major software release project. He brought great insights that enhanced our change communications, while his international experience served the team well as we worked between Europe and the United States. Jonathan is a real professional and is very good to work with.

Sabrina Borghi


Former Global Business and Commercial Manager Nutritional Lipids


DSM Nutritional Products

Working with Jonathan has been a great pleasure. His experience in marketing and communication was a great asset in helping me to keep focused on strategic objectives and not lose track. He was always able to fully understand what I needed and to gently elaborate on this until he reached the best possible solution. I enjoyed working with such a professional person as Jonathan and have no doubt that many people share my same opinion.

Venkatesh Mannar

Former President


Micronutrient Initiative

Jonathan is a dedicated corporate communications professional. The quality of his work (in Sight and Life and other DSM publications that I have read) speaks for itself. Based on my interactions with him, I have found him to be meticulous in translating complex technical and scientific concepts into layperson’s language without compromising on substance.

Fons Trompenaars

Partner, People & Change



I have worked together with Jonathan a couple of times, and his creativity and marketing professionalism were far beyond average. Great pleasure to work with him.

Ruud Derks

Former Director Strategic Projects



Jonathan is a very reliable and professional communication expert. He is a magician with text. Although not always knowledgeable on the detailed technical subjects, he is able to swiftly grasp the gist of the subjects. He is open to feedback and willing to give feedback himself based on real-life experiences. I enjoyed working with Jonathan a lot, and will certainly consider hiring him and his team for future projects and businesses.

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